Shanan combined an understanding of the clinical needs of patients, staff, architectural and aesthetic philosophies and stayed true to our defined art theme. Her creativity was magnificent while staying within our budgetary guidelines.
— Karen Midkiff, Chief Development Officer, Mercy Health Foundation

In the early 2000’s Campbell Wells, owner of two fine art galleries, Sorrel Sky Gallery Durango and Sorrel Sky Gallery Santa Fe, was approached by a healthcare facility and asked to assist them in connecting the local community to their healthcare providers through art. Using her established contacts within the art world, she assembled a distinctive collection that included almost 700 pieces of art and sculpture, as well as a donor recognition feature and an historical exhibit. In addition she was consulted in the development of their branding, graphics and wayfinding.

When the final installation was completed, Campbell Wells realized that she needed to establish a separate business to meet the increasing interest in the placement of customized corporate art collections. Thus began, SCW Art Consulting (now Sorrel Sky Art & Design) initially focusing on the services it provided its first client. However, over the years, the need to expand those services became clear. With the new name, Sorrel Sky Art & Design, Campbell Wells is pleased to offer an ever growing list of services under the banner of her very successful art galleries - Sorrel Sky.