Shanan Campbell Wells, EDAC

Shanan Campbell Wells, EDAC, is Principal and Creative Director of SCW Art Consulting, a firm specializing in creating unique aesthetic environments through art. With more than twenty years experience in the art industry, Shanan has owned, operated and managed art galleries, scouted art for the Franklin Mint, and developed products and exhibits for the Smithsonian Institution.

With an ever expanding library of thousands of artists, Shanan has a resource base rich in talent and essential to creating seamless and exclusive art collections. She has personally managed millions of square feet of art placement for hospitals, financial institutions, universities and private clients.

Shanan is the art consultant for one of the most successful hospitals within the Catholic Health Initiatives system. Her art placement and selection is evidence-based, serving to assist patients in the healing process. She is considered an authority in creative solutions as it relates to way-finding, donor recognition, art and historical exhiibits, and her projects have received regional and national recognition.

As a member of the Colorado Council of the Arts economic impact panel for the Governor of Colorado, her contributions help address state-wide issues in art. Shanan is Evidence-based Design Accredited and Certified (EDAC), through The Center for Health Design. SCW Art Consulting is a women-owned business and a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

Shanan Campbell Wells
Principal & Creative Director